The pure Source Consciousness Unified Field consists of the pre-matter substance known as “ether”. With regards to how pure Source consciousness translates into matter, the field always precedes matter and ether is the field.

The known value for the speed of light is “ether”, which is the field that causes the speed of light. Contrary to scientific belief, the speed of light is not constant in the Cosmos, only in measurement.

You have ether that is the electric-magnetic field and a planetary body, such as Venus, moving in its trajectory orbit around the Sun. If Venus decided, as it passed by the Sun, to keep moving in a straight trajectory leaving its orbit, Venus simply could not do this. What holds Venus and every other planet in our solar system in its orbit around our Sun? The natural response would be due to the Sun’s gravitational field but this simply is not the case.

As Venus passes by the Sun, something happens with the speed. The sunny side of Venus, which happens to be closer to the Sun than at nighttime, moves slower in meters per second. In relation to moving through space, the speed is less during daytime than at nighttime.

What scientists are calculating is that they have inertial force and the gravitational force, and one is as the other. They think that the planets follow their orbits around the sun due to these two forces. Now, if during the daytime the field has greater frequency than at nighttime, this means the actual meter is smaller, for example, your shoes and feet are smaller in the daytime than at nighttime. This is a scientific fact.

As Venus rotates around its axis from daytime to nighttime, there is an expansion and contraction movement occurring, which thereby suggests that planets breath between day and night. It is interesting that the founder of Field Physics, Ruđer Josip Bošković, had also described this in his 1755 book, “About Space & Time and how we observe I”. Bošković said the earth breathes as it turns in the field of the Sun. 

In reality, there is no “gravity” and it does not come from the mass of a planet or star. It is only the influence of the field of the Sun to the speed of a planet (Venus). This has to do with the magnetics created through the energy of the Sun, as well as from the magnetic properties of the light coming from the sun. The term “gravity” is only a helpful description, nothing more. One may feel the gravitational force but in reality, there is no force. It is simply the influence from the Sun. 

Erik Verlinde, a 48 year old professor of physics at the University of Amsterdam backs up my article with his own article form the New York TImes. Verlinde is a celebrated expert in string theory, that esoteric field of research attempting to move the description of the universe beyond Einstein. 
Read the entire article here: Is Gravity an Illusion?

Anyone who claims that can “speak” or communicate with God, Aliens, Beloveds, etc. are quite possibly being deceptively misled. How do I arrive at this postulation? The answer is simple; ask yourself how can this be verified?

If YOU cannot actually verify for yourself, all claims and statements from ALL channeled or energetically transmitted information, then YOU cannot seriously accept that body of data as truth, unless of course you are a mind-controlled robot.

Granted, whomever they are communicating with might actually be an “angel” or “God”, but what if that is not the case? What if they were manipulated to believe they are communicating with these “higher beings”, but in actuality they have been inserted with a “Virtual Reality Implant”? 

WTF??? Yes, I said "Virtual Reality Implant".

A “Virtual Reality Implant” is a bio-energetically engineered, electro-tonal insert that is part of what I call “Virtual Reality Fallen Technology (VRFT)”, which is a powerful, advanced technology designed to insert specific thoughts, memories, and belief systems into a person(s) for the purpose of mass mind control and manipulation. This expertise was created by an advanced race of beings to keep us from remembering who and what we are!

How many of us live our lives based upon whom we think or believe we are, all originating from our belief systems? By doing so, this easily allows for a virtual reality to enter our senses. The end result is that we end up believing anything that is inserted into us.  

Now, let us take a step back and ask if humans were being bio-energetically tampered with, for example, like what we do to our cows, why would be the reason for this? Well, the answer can be found in why man genetically modifies our cows. The truth is farmers, all across the globe, engage in genetically modifying cows to create the highest quality meat for one reason only, for the purpose of consumption. The late Dr. Karla Turner, who was a widely respected researcher in the UFO community for her research on alien abductions, often referred to this as “Interloping Farming”.

The original intention behind Virtual Reality Fallen Technology (VRFT) was/is to allow this technologically advanced race of beings to farm and consume human energy for sustenance. Are you following me on this? We are nothing more than cows to this "higher on the food chain" race of beings.

Virtual Reality Implants have been widely used on people who have claimed “alien abduction” experiences. It matters not that some of these abductees claim they have been visited or trained by benevolent aliens for “spiritual” reasons. Again, I pose the same question: How do you verify for yourself, if the alien abductors are benevolent or malicious?  On a mass level, Virtual Reality Fallen Technology is programmed into us through HD television, media and education.

So how do you counter-act this Virtual Reality Fallen Technology? The key is to KNOW the difference between reality and actuality for it is all part of the sphere of the mind! We are capable to experience reality as it actually is! 

It is vital you are able to shift your perception from a 3-dimensional to a multidimensional frame of perception and the safest way to do accomplish this is through activating more percentage of your brainpower. All it takes is your intention, will power and remembering that anything is possible and prepare for it in the Source moment!

"Nothing is true unless you experience it!" 

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The planet and all its’ inhabitants are under the manipulation and suggestive influences of a multi-dimensional, electromagnetic yoke called the Illuminati NET Field that restricts, oppresses and sends out distorted electromagnetic impulses to our receptor cells that control DNA behaviour, emotions and cellular memory. 

This NET runs through the "Van Allen Belts" in our planet's atmosphere and into the planetary crust and mantle layers. By doing so, this creates distortions in the planet's geomagnetic field, which in turn controls and manipulates our DNA.

The NET is a portion of progressive, inorganic distortions stemming over tens of thousands of years that directly affect planetary and human evolution; primarily causing inorganic planetary transformations and human DNA mutations. 

The “real” Illuminati exist as a collective of energetic beings that actually control and manipulate their “Illuminati” families and foot soldiers here in 3-dimensional reality.  

True knowledge is self-empowering.

Let's first define "illusion". An illusion is something with deceptive appearance that deceives the senses or mind. It is a false idea, concept or belief about something or someone. The term "veil or veils" refers to limitations of perception that restrict us from RE-membering our internal connection to Source and our Eternal existence.

Due to our current state of distorted veils of perception, 99% of humanity sleepwalks through their dreaming life mostly engaged with their 3-dimensional external world. We have slowly lost our connection with the Eternal aspects of our consciousness. Over hundreds of thousands of years within these perceptual veils have caused humanity to encompass distorted belief systems to the true nature of multidimensional reality.

The cosmic joke is that WE actually believe we are only 3-dimensional, finite, physical beings, evolved from apes and created with no REAL purpose other than to live our lives until we reach death. We have forgotten our true eternal nature: Eternal-life, multidimensional beings!

Illusion is an illusion is an implant! The false beliefs and perceptual veils have been culturally and generationally implanted within humanity for over thousands of years, which have led us to never experience our lives as we truly should. All of this leads to a severe, internal-vertical disconnection to Source.

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